Founded in the begining of 2004, the San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club has grown to become a great group within the community. We seek to rally Mustang drivers of all years to meet with fellow Mustang owners and share the joys of the Ford Mustang with the community. We reach out to the San Gabriel Valley / Inland Empire, primarily in the cities of Glendora, Covina, La Verne, San Dimas, We have members as far as Rancho Cucamonga , Pasadena and Whittier. We are open to having fun with whatever activities we do as a club, We encourage members to present their own innovative ideas  for the club. We accept all years and models of Mustang in our club and appreciate all forms of resto-mods and modifications. If you are interested in joining our club, please feel free to send an email to any administrator or official of the San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club. Email and information can be found on the Contact Us and Members page..
From President Stan "Pineapple" Gomes
How the San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club was formed.  By Stanley “Pineapple” Gomes, Jr. Founder and President…

Our club started with a bet between friends….  I was a member of two other car clubs and I was at another meeting watching a boring speaker talking about his 2004 Boss Mustang and how great it was.  Right then and there I said to myself “I can do this” “I can have my own club” Loaded with information I went to my Thursday night cruise to see some of my friends that I had just met a few weeks earlier.  I met with my friends, Barry, Dennis and Luis…  We talked about our Classic Mustangs and other Ford automotive issues. Nothing major, so I told them “What do you think if I started a Mustang Club” ???  They just laughed and said “I bet you can’t”….  So in the next few months I did some research and it was formed with some great ideas in hand…. We had just five members, Dennis, Barry, Luis, Dick and my self at our first meeting… At The Beachside Cafe Show, we had met out first member Eddie, with his Mustang show up and the word was out from there !!!   

That’s how we started and we're still having fun !!! 

Founding Members 

Dennis                                   Pine                                        Luis
Current Board Members