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Our 1965 Mustang 2+2 began its life on August 3, 1964 at the San Jose, CA assembly plant. As best as I can tell, the car was originally delivered at San Marino Ford, a small dealership that was located at 2000 Huntington Drive, until 1968.

I happened to be looking for a vintage Mustang in June 1978 when a high school friend told me that his sister and brother-in-law were moving to Minnesota and needed to sell their Mustang. So I went and took a look at their 81,000-mile 2+2 and $2,100 later, the car was mine. While I haven’t done a title search on the car, I know that I am at least the third owner.

When I acquired it, the Fastback had already been repainted once, fortunately in a close facsimile of its original Wimbledon White. While the paint job was less than perfect, it was going to have to do for the short term (which turned out to be 39 years!) The ‘65 had the original 289 “A” code engine mated with a Cruise-O-Matic transmission. It was not option-heavy, but included factory air conditioning, Rally-Pac, AM radio, power drum brakes, power steering, console, front seat belts with retractors, padded visors, back-up lights, tinted glass, and the exterior accent group (pinstriping and rocker panel molding). With those options, the car would have had a factory sticker price of just over $3,600.

I have always been a “stock” guy so my goal over the years has been to keep my Mustang as close to original as possible. The first change I made was to the exterior – swapping out the original full wheel covers for styled steel wheels. The only other changes were to replace the downright scary drum brakes with disc brakes, upgrade the radiator and come into the 21st Century by replacing the AM radio with a Retrosound Model Two radio.

Finally in early 2017, Sharon and I agreed to bite the economic bullet and get the paint job the Mustang deserved. Gongora’s Body and Paint in Pomona began work on the car in April and a little over three months later, our 2+2 has a beautiful new coat of Wimbledon White paint (the correct shade this time!) and looks as close to new as it ever has. Ron Foreman of Ron’s Colorworks in Upland replicated the original pinstriping of the exterior accent group. Since I had been putting off replacing my 16-year-old tires (gulp!) until after the paint was completed, I decided to go the extra mile and upgrade to BF Goodrich Silvertown dual redline radials. The final detail was to get the original yellow-on-black license plates freshened up. “Old Plate Guy” (Steve Bucher) in Santa Ana did an admirable job breathing new life into the plates, and he also restored our original San Marino Ford license plate frame.

We hope to enjoy many more years driving our ’65 and participating in as many SGVMC events as we can!