In 2005 I purchased my Butler Cobra on ebay, well I should say a friend won it on my behalf. I never saw the listing but I bought it sight unseen. Wow ... The car of my dreams that I had envisioned was actually a rolling chassis, with some parts and a shell for a body. The previous owner had shaved all the inner body panels off, with the intension to fabricate all new
inner body components out off aluminum. Well for what ever reason, that never came to be. This is where I come in. The 1st year I did all my research and planned every modification that I wanted. During which time I happened to find a guy at a high performance swap meet who was selling Butler Cobra parts that I needed to complete this build. My wife never took a liking to my dream so, The Cobra was deemed ( My dream her nightmare). In 2008  I  finished the car, It took me 2 years, about 600 pictures of every step of the way, with the help of a few good friends and a crash course in fiberglass repair. Oh I did my research and a few trial and error tests before I started.
I've had the Cobra on the road for a year and about 2200 miles. I thoroughly enjoyed every mile of it. Especially joining the San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club,
Interview at Covina Thunderfest 2011
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